Freestyle Fellowship - 120 Seconds

I just turned a hundred and seventy five million two hundred and seventy three and I'm at my peak

Hmm, don't really know much about these guys, but this is classic-sounding 90's jazzy west-coast freestyling. 120 seconds (actually 124 seconds) well spent.


Wack Wednesdays #3

I'm sort of hesitant to put this vintage-90's rap about the Legend of Zelda in the "wack" category cuz I think this dude's flow is kind of great.


Hot Cheetos & Takis

OK, I know I'm way late on this one, but, c'mon, this is the best. I hope their next track is a little less product-placement-y, but, that said, hot cheetos ARE awesome.


Wack Wednesdays #2

Hmmm....I like pirates. I like rap.

Then why don't I like "pirate rap"?


B-Real, Coolio, Method Man, LL Cool J And Busta Rhymes - Hit Em High

"I'm startin' a line-up by gettin' y'all to bring the livestock"

Um, remember in that last post I explained how the late-80's/early-90's were a weird time for rap music, as big business figured out there was money to be made from hip-hop culture? Well, um, I guess this video shows that the mid-90's were a weird time too.

This song is from Space Jam, a movie which somehow starred both Bugs Bunny AND Michael Jordan. It is not good. That said, I do kind of like this song. B-Real, Method and Busta all put in respectable efforts considering the blandness of the beat.

Also, I'm willing to bet that this is the only time that Coolio and a member of the Wu appear on the same track.

PS: LL Cool J namechecks Bob Dole.


Wack Wednesdays #1

OK, so from here on out Wednesdays are all about highlighting the worst in kid-friendly rap. Unfortunately, there's an awful lot to choose from.

Oh my child, have a seat and allow me to tell you about the confusing era known as the late-80's/early-90's. Advertisers had finally figured out that this whole rap thing was maybe more than just a passing fad, and it was time to try to make some $$$$$ off it.

The result: many commercials liks this one.

You know it's going to be a rough ride when the lyrics start with the phrase "I'm" blah-blah-blah "and I'm here to say."

Also: the copywriters couldn't think of a better rap name than Master Rapper?

And if you think that one was bad, check out Barney's follow-up.

Once again: CD Rapper was the best you could do for a name?????