Jaden Smith - The Coolest

We the youngest/ we the ones that know what's up

I know, I know, Will Smith's son does not need more press, but, come on, how can you not be charmed by this dude?

The video is full of that Spike Lee dolly shot trick (so Jaden looks like he's floating, rather than walking, down the lovely streets of L.A.) and Mr. Smith's flow is surprisingly impressive and complicated. He also looks an awful lot like his dad

Why wasn't this released in July? Seems like it would have been an awesome summer jam.


Wack Wednesdays #5

Look how funky he is!

OK, this is a slightly confusing edition of Wack Wednesdays.

You see, once upon a time long before you were born, a movie named Teen Witch was released (1989). In that movie, there is a legendarily bad and embarrassingly funny rap scene.

What I've posted today, however, is a shot-for-shot remake of that exact scene made in 2010. Does this transcend wackness? Perhaps some day you can write your thesis on these videos.

Bonus: Here's a version that takes place in Wizards of Warcraft.


Amor Lilman - Pull Ya Pants Up

You chillin' in the club/ Well how you gonna dance?

This video is the jam for several reasons:

1. Amor Lilman is a (good!) 9-year-old rapper.
2. It features a cameo by (a very awkward) Marty Markowitz, Brooklyn Borough President.
3. It might be the only rap song whose message my mom can wholeheartedly support (baggy pants, yuck!).
4. It is painfully catchy.
5. Some DJ should play this and Cameltoe by Fannypack (which, btw, is not kid-friendly) back to back.


Wack Wednesdays #4

Wow, I don't even know how one would begin to explain this to a young person. I guess, luckily, I think we don't have to.


Black Sheep- The Choice is Yours

EngineEngineNumber Nine, On the New York transit line, If my train goes off the track, Pick it up! Pick it up! Pick it up!

Medium-interesting fact about Black Sheep: They were the first rap group to appear on the Tonight Show w Jay Leno.

Just as a heads-up, this video has some disturbing imagery (drugs, guns, stereotypical images of black people), but the whole point of the video is to not choose those things (in the video, that stuff is crumpled up and tossed away by the Black Sheep).

As always, best to watch it first before you share it with your kids.

I'm working on a new mix of good kid-friendly rap. I should post it here soon!


Rhymezwell- Robots on the Dance Floor

It don't matter what model robot you're using

Check out the newest video from Cambridge/Somerville/Boston's own King of Kidz-Hop, Rhymezwell!!

Dancing robots. What more do you need to know??