Boston Book Festival

This SATURDAY, October 27th, is the Boston Book Festival!
I'll be introducing Mr. Lemony Snicket at 11:00 (at Old South Sanctuary)
and then at 2:45 I'll be reading YES, YES, YAUL! (at the Boston Public Library's Popular Reading Room)

There's lots of other great non-Jef-related events too. Read about them here.


Wack Wednesday #7

I always wondered what went on in the kitchen of Wendy's restaurant. There's a lot more rapping and scary singing burger patties than I thought there would be.


Wack Wednesdays #6

Ugh, this is everything I hate about "kids" music wrapped into one annoying video.

"PRESCHOOL POPSTARS is an adorable trio of little cartoon girls who sing, rap, and dance. Their names are Hailey, Bailey, and Jazz, and their new album "Daycare Dance Party" features an exciting mix of pop, hip-hop and country styles. And though these sassy little divas are in still in preschool, their clever brand of music appeals to children of all ages and even grown ups."


Lupe Fiasco - Kick Push

Kick, push, kick, push, kick, push, Coassssst.

To celebrate the opening of Lil Wayne's New Orleans' Skate Park (Trukstop), we present Lupe Fiasco's classic skateboarding track.