Kid-Friendly Christmas Rap Mix

To celebrate the end of 2012/the beginning of 2013, I present to you a kid-friendly, old-school rap mix. I left off CHRISTMAS IN HOLIS, cuz I think we've all heard that enough already.

Stream it via Soundcloud or download it from Soundcloud or Sendspace. Share it!

Things I learned from making this mix:
1. rappers want to cold chill with Santa
2. rappers like singing/sampling "Jingle Bells" over a hip-hop beat.

Christmas in Oldskool County (download via Soundcloud or Sendspace)
Christmas Rappin'- Kurtis Blow
He's Santa Claus- Disco 4
Let the Jingle Bells Rock- Sweet Tee
A Surf MCs New Year- Surf MC's
Christmas Time Megamix- Luke
What You Want For Christmas- Quad City DJs, 69 Boys & K- Nock
Chillin' with Santa- Derek B.
Christmas Rap- Cutmaster D.C.
Funky Fresh Christmas- Busy Boys
Cold Chillin' Christmas- Cold Chillin' Juice Crew
Winter Wonderland - D Boy
Dana Dane is Coming to Town- Dana Dane
Christmas Rappin' - Dizzy Heights
Christmas in the City- King Sun-D Moet
(I'm Spending) Hanukkah In Santa Monica- Tom Lehrer

Happy Holidays from Jef, Hip, and Hop!


This Saturday (12/15) at the Somerville Public Library

Join children's book author, illustrator, and long-time Somerville resident, Jef Czekaj, for an afternoon of fun and art. Using a combination of music, videos, and collaborative drawing activities, Jef will talk and rap about, um, what he does all day.

Jef will show his progression as an artist, from a young kid on Long Island who liked to draw funny superhero comics, to an award-winning "professional" author and illustrator. He'll also share how he goes about writing and illustrating a book and talk about the tools he uses.

Plus, we'll do some fun collaborative comic writing!

Date:  Saturday Dec 15, 2012 
Time:  2:00 PM  -  3:00 PM 
Contact:  Cathy    x2950    cpiantigini@minlib.net 
Location:  Central Library, 79 Highland Avenue, Somerville, MA